Dear Tyler, as one who, in my youth, was often clinically lonely, I so much appreciate your reflection and Haiku for today. Thank you!

I am doing all I can with my relatives, but I am worried about the neighbors who live close beside us (we live on a cul de sac). We try to socialize with careful distance and masks, and they seem to really appreciate that. Some are single persons. We often had block parties in the past and even now sometimes gather for a bonfire. Just letting people know that you are close by and care can be such a tremendous boost. And I often feel so happy when I can do a little something. That’s all it takes

Here are some Haiku verses distilling my thoughts:


Keeping in Touch With our Neighbors


not easy these days

but there are so many ways

to do it — just try!


why not simply wave,

send neighbors a little note,

help with a favor?


little things give joy —

how about cookies or pies

Or some other treat?


we have to stay close

and show others that we care,

be community


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