The Keys To Our Handcuffs | 12.14.20

Raise your hand if you can honestly answer yes to this question: Are you, now or at any point in your last year, holding yourself back from being the person you’ve always wanted to be? Are you handcuffing yourself to a version that doesn’t feel complete, doesn’t feel fully awakened, for no other reason than fear or some misguided idea that it’s the way things have to be? I’m not sure how many of you have your hands up right now, or if you just pretend raised your hands because you think I cannot see you, but I can, and I’m looking right at you. My hand is up too. Why do we hold ourselves back from being ourselves? Why do we feel pressure to be something different? I know society places unrealistic expectations on the people we’re to be, but more than this, more tangible on a daily basis, are the expectations we lump onto ourselves. We stare into mirrors and see only flaws, we see the success of others and point fingers back at our own lives looking for shortcomings. We hold ourselves to the fire, forgetting that so often, they are fires we didn’t light at all. We go searching, binoculars in hand, for this person we swear exists beyond the boundaries we see in ourselves, and in doing so, we miss so damn much.

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