Yup, Voodoo is not to be trusted for delicious, one of a kind donuts. As a former resident of Portland, Oregon for 9 years, Blue Star is the place in that city for the goods. I would add Mount Rushmore to the list of attractions as well...my son and I stopped there on a roadtrip, only because we were in the area. We paid to get in, walked up to see the monument which took five minutes, and then the kid summed it up by looking at me and saying, "Well, that wasn't as big or exciting as I'd hoped. Can we go now?" I think anytime one goes out of the way for something extraordinary, it should take one's breath away.

Also, as a heavy international soccer family, my son insisted we watch Beckham as soon as it came out. You will not be disappointed...the documentary really touches on Beckham's humanity and the unreal shit he had to endure for his career.

Happy Friday all! 💗

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Happiest fourth anniversary to you both! I hope England is treating you both so very well.

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Have a fantastic anniversary! 🤗

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