Thanks for these, Tyler. I really like the remix. There was a time I listened to U2 daily. Ask my kids- they know all the lyrics! Seems like a different life. Never too old for an old school cereal. My Grandma used to always go to the store and get us Lucky Charms when we came for visits. What is CTC? Captain Crunch?

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So now I want to go to MONT SAINT-MICHEL soooo bad! A brand new place where my wonder can sit to think. 💜

Boo•Berry was my favorite cereal that I wasn’t allowed to get very often. Three of us and we had to take turns getting our favorite 🙄. (My younger brother always got Cinnamon Toast Crunch).

I really enjoyed these. Took to heart the heart health advice too 👍🏻

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I want to go too! That place looks insane. So glad you dig the heart advice, why not stick around together as long as possible, huh? :)

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