Well this post gets a ❤️ after immediately skipping to #5...what a way to start the morning!

That needs to be my alarm tone to wake me.

Happiest cities - our state barely even made the list with one city at 151 out of 182...so the I jumped immediately into my Friday therapy with Tyler...

I’m proud of you Tyler - thank you for making my life better with each post and letting me tell people far and wide about my amazing friend TYLER and his gift to the world (and then telling them they have to go buy your books for themselves because I can’t chance parting with mine - lol...I give them a link to you to make it easy 🤣)

Today was a true gem!

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Tyler, I'm so grateful you're walking the Earth with us. Your words are delicious and we, your followers, are so hungry for them. They gently nudge us to listen, watch, and feel. They remind us to be present in the moment or we'll miss the really important stuff. I want you to know I'm paying attention. I don't want to miss a thing. Sending love and appreciation from the Atlantic seaboard, ~C

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All I have to say to happiest cities is HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I just moved away from Fremont, CA which is right next to San Jose, CA. Where would I start...ask the overwhelming amount of homeless how happy they are, trash piled on every corner and every exit ramp is definitely means for making one smile, or let's talk about the crime! You get the point. Blah. Now, San Diego which is further down on the list SHOULD be number one! I lived there for 15 years and now I've moved back from Fremont/San Jose, LOL!! To each his own, but a beautiful, clean, friendly area, that has perfect weather almost 100% of the year, yeah, happy as a pig in poop! 🌴☀️🍹😁

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