As a true lover of The Man In Black - the Johnny Cash AI song was a knife to my gut...but it did make me giggle and served as an example yesterday when I was teaching about using AI for good or evil...as we also learned of a Resumé app that would use AI to create a cover letter based on the company name, job position, and a skill to highlight...boom full page letter.

It was even able to take a skill like “I smell like a dog” and convert that to a positive selling point when working for a local humane shelter because the person would relate to the dogs better and gain their trust easier....

So - as a Johnny Cash purist - it did make me laugh but that’s like having Elvis sing Insane Clown Posse (if you find that I want to hear it!)

Happy Friday y’all

Grace and Peace from the 405

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Grass & water & earth?

Thanks for this.

A kindred spirit, who also serves the public with me, dropped a sad tidbit on me last week. She said that handwriting would be obsolete within 50 years. We nattered & we agreed that there is so much to be felt & gleaned from scratches on paper.

I also conscientiously objected & bought a bunch of journals & diaries for my kin, and I. Perhaps this is our time to pause, reflect, and work out where our values truly are as we rage against The Machine. Is expediency over authenticity in this noisy world really all it's cracked up to be?

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