Most excellent work, kind sir!

We have several members in the community that I work for that humming is a daily practice …interesting enough, most don’t know they are doing it - but as instructors we have come to realize that it often comes after times of extreme stemming or loud, boisterous activity. After contacting a member’s family to ask the “why”, they told us that their doctor also said it is a subconscious way of stimulating the vagus nerve to calm them…so consciously or subconsciously - looks like humming has some great benefits! (Might get a little noisy if everyone in the office starts humming at the same time 🤭

Re: rock lines - so many left off that list!

But the one that immediately came to mind is from Twenty One Pilots in the song “Tear in my heart” that says: “The songs on the radio are okay, but my taste in music is your face”

So here is to all of your faces on this magical Friday - be love and be loved 💜💜💜

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I've been humming at work [retail] for the past few weeks. My therapist suggested I take my earworms and bring them to life after telling me about the science. ... and darned if it doesn't work.

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I fully opened the article expecting to find 10 classic one-liners from Dwight the Rock Johnson!

Also, #10 was stuck in my head for a good part of the morning! Damn it. Its back!

I found them all a bit lacklustre and not even the best lines from the listed artist. But hey! All songs hit us differently I suppose!

I love Ben Harper's "So speak kind to a Stranger, cause you'll never know, It just might be an angel oh knocking at your door!" Maybe I will try humming it next time I'm stressed out!

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The list of rock song lines is quite different to one I’d create. Like this, from Yellow Ledbetter (Pearl Jam): “I said I don’t know whether I’m the boxer or the bag”.

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At the moment it's Pump It by the Black Eyed Peas. Either that or a real oldie I Want to Be Happy. Oh! ... and Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. That one gets me through a lot.

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