Tyler, beautiful! As I read this, I thought of a gift marker you bear in your hands called, "The String of lights", which is a marker that indicates you're someone who will wake up to the profound beauty and mysteries of life through steep life experiences. You will always be someone drawn in to learn, understand, and translate to others. ❤️

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What an absolute beautiful way to start my day. Thank you Tyler! I’ve been waking up this year. It’s been something new that catches my attention nearly every day. Yesterday was a big day. Just an ordinary day for most, but for me it was truly magical. I wrote a short poem about it. What if this is the only place in the universe that a physical manifestation of love exists? That’s pretty dang special. So many things out of my control have aligned perfectly simply by me doing what feels right. So I will look for the beauty in every situation, hold on to the love, release the pain and enjoy the hell out of this beautiful planet and it’s inhabitants. Also, the dog knew what you were talking about. Another reminder of beauty and play. ❤️ My poem is below:

And then one day everything was different

She was different

She stopped regretting,

stopped blaming herself

She decided to trust herself

and believe in the future

Believe it will bring great things,

things that she creates

Instead of looking back with sorrow and pity

She looked forward with curiosity and wonder

She made peace with what was, what is, and what will be

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Your prose is pure poetry. Do read Mary Oliver?

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YES!! Oh my freaking goodness yes. I feel this way and think about this so often. I take notice of things like this all the time. One example that comes to mind - When the sun sets every day, the sunlight pours straight through my back door window and hits my Christmas tree. It's literally a direct line of gorgeous golden light that casts a shadow of the tree on my hallway wall and also sends glimmers and sparkles across my ceiling and walls because it's reflecting off the ornaments. Every day, I get to witness this magic. Always grounds me, especially after a long day of work. There's so much beauty and subtle magic everywhere. It's like energy to me. It's like taking a giant breath and filling my body with oxygen. It's unbelievably nourishing.

Here is a poem I wrote a few years back about this:

There is magic

in the moments

we forget to acknowledge,

beauty in the spaces

we often don't notice.

We move so fast

letting panic propel us

that we get lost along the way.

Slow down.

Open your eyes.


Can you feel it?

Look closer.

Close your eyes.

There it is.

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I am in dreamlike love with all of this … including the music. Such a pull at heart strings to add harmonies to the awe all around us. Thank you for your beauty. Always.

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