To Belong To Another | 12.3.20

For the longest time growing up, I thought about how scary the idea of belonging to another. I thought that serious relationships were like shackles, that there was so much life to live, so many people to meet, how could anyone possibly stop the searching ramble and stick to one? I floated in and out of relationships, always on great terms, but feeling more like some leaf on some wind being tossed about, and after awhile it began to feel increasingly empty and hollow. I don’t want this to get sappy, I don’t want it to become melodramatic, but I do have to be honest, as this space is precisely that for me, a place to be vulnerable and honest and tell it like it is. When I met my wife, I knew instantly that I was stuck to her, that I belonged to her already, and that I would, for good. I knew that wherever she led, I’d follow, and that I’d do so

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