This is unexplainably comforting.

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Beauty backlit.

Thanks for this.

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You have to love the darkness as you love the light. They don't exist without each other, and neither do we.

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You just inspired me with this, and the last line of your unpacking....that loaded question dug right in....

Pitch & Shine

"We need both, don't we, bit of pitch, bit of shine?"

The light in the dark illuminated against the night

The darkness a backdrop of shadow for beauty to bloom

Ever connected, interdependent, inextricably bound

Within and without

There is no movement without the dance

The ink of the night

The rage in the fight

The sun in the sky

The love in the eyes

The pain of the uphill climb

The triumph of a win on the second try

The peaks and valleys of life

Are the day and the dark

Are the shame and the spark

Are the bloom of color and austerity, stark

It's all part of the journey

Embrace it all, lean in, forge through,

And repose when able to look around

At how lucky we are to be alive

In those moments of dawn and twilight

Where our dark and light collide

And our growth resides.


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This is brave and true, the dark and how we face it matters.

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