I value your perspective. I've done a lot of reading and thinking on this, and from the information I've read (both psychological and spiritual sources) and from my own experiences in life, my opinion on this is that it's difficult for us (humans) with our complexities of thought to accept that we are, all at the same time, both something incredibly special and unique and also something that is irrelevant to the grand scheme of time and existence. Our time in this physical existence to live our lives with each other is finite, and the existence of time and the universe is infinite. I think maybe humans pride their differences as a way to allow themselves to stand out amongst the rest of humanity in their finite time. Most of us want to feel "special", appreciated, or different in the eyes of others. We are all, at the same time, unique and beautiful living our own lives, and we are also just another existence in the great picture of the universe. We are important and unimportant, all at the same time. I think we are all the same in that we are searching for a meaning to our existence here, whether it be through highlighting our differences or through searching for our human connectedness. But I think it scares people to face the truth of their finite existence in the universe. I think it all leads back to the choices we make in our present moments. How we choose to live NOW, right now, is where we find our true meaning. When I get angry at someone else for having opinions that I find cruel or for focusing too much on our differences that divides us all apart, I try to think of this quote by Ram Dass: "We're all just walking each other home", and I think of how I can use my present moments to help walk that person home, despite our differences. Loving makes us more.

As a side note as well, while we only have finite time to exist, (or, just as we scientifically know as of now), there are also many people who believe in reincarnation. We may not have finite time, we may in fact have other opportunities to experience life in the universe out of this lifetime. But, living in the present moment, I think some people highlight their differences to make meaning of it all in their NOW. I think focusing on our differences also depends on how someone chooses to view it ALL; is our existence unique in our NOW, or is it irrelevant given the magnitude of time and space? Or both.

I'm curious to read all of the comments on this post. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks about this. Such a good post, Tyler!!

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I loved reading your response. I reread it several times. It is clear that you have indeed spent time reading and thinking on this paradox. So much to think about here. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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The story of separation is just that, a story. I know this to the depths and breadth of my soul...not just because I studied the long history of consciousness back through the Goddess cultures, but because I also began my spiritual journey 35 years ago and regularly commune with the infinite. We are the universe having a human experience and our lives, each and every one of us, contribute to the collective expansion of knowledge and love through our unique contribution. The story of separation persists and intensifies because it's only through its extremes that it will finally be exhausted and we will see it for the illusion that it is. Our task is to keep our hearts and minds open, so we can each become a beacon of light and hope as the collective community moves through the throes of growth. ❤️💫

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This brings to mind the research done on water and its reaction to emotions. Clearly we are all connected by something. The sum of it all comes down to energy I believe. Good energy and bad energy exist and hopefully balance. I've learned the balance is important in life. And this entry this week, Tyler, is so beautifully worded. I lean towards the Buddha and Hindu (?) beliefs of reincarnation, going back and forth on different planes until you get it right and reach perfection. As a cultural anthropology student, it becomes clear that each culture does have similar stories, legends and myths and it fascinates me. The good is a golden light in each of us, when we share anything, it goes between us. Thank you for this group and connection, that keeps my creative spark alive, and inspires me to write more.

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Wow. This is just…everything. Yes. Agree 1000%. That haiku just says it all.

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I’ve read this post yesterday and it hit home, and I just had to sit with it for a little. Because I’ve been thinking a lot about this as well, more so now than before. Maybe because of the latest years that highlighted more than ever our differences, our constant fight against each other and ultimately our cruelty.

Just the other day, I wrote this in my journal:

“Why? Why do we think we are not enough? The plight of human beings is thinking that they are not deserving of their lives and therefore every blessing that comes with living that life. We are all energy, made from the same universal cosmic energy that is G.O.D. Every single thing on this planet is a form of that energy. Our exteriors, flesh and bones, or whatnot, are designed to help us live and thrive in the environment we live in. We are not different from animals and nature. We just look different and have different purposes. And together, on this magnificent planet we were all supposed to work together and re-member we are parts of One. But the problem is, human beings have a mind, and our minds make us unique. And instead of using that uniqueness to celebrate each other, we use it to dissect each other’s differences in myriad ways possible. We have concocted ways to separate us into groups and classes of lesser human beings, just like we do with animals and every other form of life on this planet. We decide who are worthy of life, and who deserve to die. We have lost any reverence for this magnificent planet Earth, for the water it abundantly provide, the trees, the insects, the animals, everything that was here first to help sustain our lives. We have lost our ways and I’m wondering how do we find our way back?

How? How do we get back? How do start honoring each other’s lives and every living animal and plant, like they matter? I believe we have to remember we are not our minds. We are not even our bodies. The constant chatter in your mind is not us. It may seems so because of how much power we have give our minds over time, power over our lives. But really, I am not my mind I know that now. I’m an energetic being living in this body, with my soul as my guide and teacher. And the mind like every muscle in my body can be trained and changed. Because ultimately what we are all seeking is freedom from our minds and connections to our souls. That is what we really are: souls. Energetic beings living a human experience. Therefore we consume energy, we share energy, we exchange it between us. We transform it but we don’t create it. And at the end of the day there are only 2 kinds of species on this planet, those who give energy and those who drain it away. And the universe is a constant balance of give and take. The Yin and Yang, some call it. The darkness and the light. And it keeps going on and on, for millions of years. And that what we have to do, constantly re-member, that we are parts of a bigger whole. Always and forever. “

P.S. G.O.D. stands for Great Oneness Divine.

Thank you Tyler for this post this week, it gave me a chance to share my perspective. And my perspective is you are all awesome human beings. Keep remembering that as you go through your day and there’s a constant chatter of negativity in your head.

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Yes. This.

I tend to wonder if the whole human experience....or experiment....or existence....is to see how long it takes for each of our splintered off selves to return to the truth that we're all very much the same and part of the whole. That our brief returns as "individuals" is just a perpetual fact finding mission into all the possibilities. That despite the unique presentation of each body in space and time, our inner essence is the balance of light and dark standing on the head of a pin and that it's *interesting* to see what is gained by choosing light and love and what is learned by choosing darkness and the lessons it takes to crawl back to the place of balance.

Or maybe I know nothing 😂

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