We Know It Fruitless | 1.13.21

Were I to make a poll, were you to answer it honestly, I’ve an overwhelming suspicion that 99% of you would answer Yes, to the following question: Do I carry the unnecessary weight of worry on a regular basis? My hand is up, my answer is yes. From financial concerns, health worries, fears of inadequacy and irrelevancy in an ever-changing world, to the more mundane problems of what to make for dinner, or how much laundry is waiting to be done, there are ten million things a day that steal our attention, that bog us down with weight. We know, all this while, that the worry doesn’t help and never adds up to anything useful, but we worry all the same. We carry these burdens like Sisyphus and then marvel when the boulder of it all falls back onto us.

The question is, and please feel free to answer this, how do we break this cycle, how do we set down that weight and walk free from unnecessary worry? Buddha once spoke about how in life there are only two types of problems, the first being problems we can do something about, and if we can, then why worry? The second, are problems we cannot do anything to change, and if that’s the case, again why worry? There is much wisdom in this, but the problem comes in our own personal application of that wisdom. We know, but still we carry it. Why?

We know it fruitless,

yet still we carry the weight

of all this worry.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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