Happy Birthday to your incredible Mom! What a gift she has given the world in shaping you to be the person you are!

The biggest joys in my life have come from taking what felt like the craziest chances. Isn’t it beautiful when we trust our hearts?

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Thank you, Tyler, for always pushing us to think beyond that complacent “canyon of mediocrity”, for inspiring us to never stop believing that “there’s something more for us out there” and encouraging us to act on the moments “when our hearts scream.” How vivid!

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Thanks You again for the Master Class Guidance!

Happy Birthday to your Mom 🎈🎉🎂

And I just love that you call Sarah

Lady Gregson.

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Thank you so much first off for this Signal Fire. Secondly, HAPPIEST birthday to your mom.

I needed this and after 3 different screenshots of this (as I often do). Just thank you, again. Me, right now, 29 and in a feeling of not being right where I need to be I feel like is the other side of that coin. *The side that holds my goals, dreams, HOPES, ect. is the other side of this coin. Of my coin. 💜💗

I love ya.

PS hope Ireland was amazing!

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I just love this. So much. I've taken some risks in the last year that may be on the verge of paying off...or at least bringing forth some much needed joy and aliveness. I will never regret taking risks...I would only regret not taking them.

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My goodness, so many wonderful words that took me back….. what a life we had, have and will have… each of you three took every risk with dad and I and without question you were champions!!

All the adventures, sacrifices, laughter, road trips, room sharing, 4th and 7th inning snacks, sand storms, smoggy days at Raging waters, pool time, fashion shows, fireworks while laying in the outfield, oily burrito small, playing pepper…. I could go on forever….. thank you for such a wonderful tribute….. just one thing….. oh what I would do for those legs again…..

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