Will Remain Inkless | 2.8.21

Forget the excuses, forget the reasons why you can’t, forget the what ifs, forget the shouldn’t do, forget the maybe later, to hell with the But I, do. Just do. Find what you’ve been waiting to do, and use this damned pandemic as the fuel you’ve needed to finally erase the excuses you’ve been holding on to as to why you haven’t taken the risks, done the things, said the words, become the person you were always supposed to be. I want you to meet death, whenever that quiet mistress comes calling, with an empty book of regrets, with a bucket list that needed a novel, with a wishlist at zero. I want to see the photos of the life you’ve waited too long to live, I want to see the slideshow of the person you didn’t think you could become.

I am here to help push you there, I am here to help you erase the reasons you cannot get there. I am here to tell you that it’s possible, that you’re capable, that you’re worthy, and that YOU get to decide how much ink will spill into that big book of regrets. This strange pandemic has pushed us all into the corners of our lives, given us the ability to see what matters, what has value, what should stay and what should go. I know, personally, that I’ve rearranged so many priorities through this, and I know that when we’re able to move forward beyond this, things will look different, my book of regrets will be even quieter than before.

What have you noticed in your life? What changes brought to the forefront?

When it's time to go,

the old book of my regrets

will remain inkless.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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