Writing Prompt + Subscription Winners!

We have some winners! Once again, an anonymous (and so wonderful) donor has paid for 5 FULL YEAR subscriptions to this here Signal Fire, and so we held that Writing Prompt challenge to pick the lucky 5. Your job was to write a 12 word sentence or poem, that told the most beautiful (sad or happy) story you could think of. After much consideration, much much as there were so many fantastic ones, we’ve got our 5 winners! Here are the 5 entries that earned a FREE YEAR behind the tiny paywall!

In Random Order, not hierarchical:

  1. Nicole Elizabeth - “You took my words with you when you took your own life.”

  2. NF - “Your fingertips, my thigh. Five struck matches; you light me on fire.”

  3. Aebobe - “I had a voice once/33 years ago./Sunday, I took it back

  4. Beth Anne - “I will make peace with my broken body and find my joy.”

  5. Tosca Bernadino - “My life flourished, the moment I decided to be my own savior”

If you’re one of the 5 winners, Please email me with what email address you signed up for Signal Fire with, so I can convert your account to a full YEAR of paid subscription. Once again, a million thanks to our beautiful anonymous donor for making this happen!

For everyone else involved, I wanted to do something as a thank you, so if you entered but did not win, shoot me an email: chasersofthelight@gmail.com and I’ll reply with a surprise.

I love you all, I love this fantastic family we’re building, and I’m so happy it just got 5 people bigger.

For anyone else who really values this place, wants to jump behind the little paywall and get a bunch of extras (including some really fun live events I’m setting up soon), we’d always love to have you. There’s a lot more waiting.