Acres Of Silence In Me | 2.5.21

I’m gonna toot my own horn here for .02 seconds, something I rarely do…here goes: I really f’ing dig the line “acres of silence in me,” in the haiku below. That’s all. Now, onto business.

Do you feel that over the years you’ve changed in fundamental ways? Do you feel like aspects of your personality that you thought set-in-stone when you were younger have altered, shifted, and transformed into something else? I thought of this today, thought of how often I would get into trouble as a child for being too “social” and chatting too much in all my classes. I was the Class Clown of my graduating class, the only guy to really get votes for it (A Monopoly Of The Clown…memoir anyone?!), and I was always talking to friends, neighbors, even the teachers during class. I couldn’t help myself, it was better than the noise of my own brain, the boredom I sometimes felt. I was known as someone who loved to chat, loved to talk, and when I look at myself now, it’s so much different. Now, I am the aforementioned ‘acres of silence’ and find myself speaking less and less as each year goes by. I have no interest in my own voice, and I find myself listening more than speaking, sitting in whatever pocket of silence I can find. I don’t know why this happened, nor do I fully understand when it began exactly, but it did, and it’s me now, and I love how we change and become new things.

Now instead of filling the gaps with sound, I revel in them, and wait for those I love to fill them instead. I like this shift, I like the quiet acres inside.

Quiet like the night,

acres of silence in me,

waiting for your sound.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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