And With It Sadness | 11.24.20

Sadness comes with snowfall, every year falling like flakes and settling on the earth. Some deep sorrow that stirs with the beauty and brutality of this season, and it’s been this way all my life. I see the stunning scenery, yes, I see the white blanket and am thankful for the months of safety from forest fire and drought, but winter has always carried a silent sadness that I cannot quite put my finger on. Each year it feels like a death, a passing of things that came before, of the person I was before, and it the long dark nights and deep coverings of snow feel like funeral, like burial of all that was. Perhaps those in other places in the world that do not experience a winter as harsh as we do avoid this feeling, perhaps those who experience even harsher winters feel it more, I am unclear. All I know, is for me it brings a strange gentle anguish that doesn’t wash out until the snow once again falls as rain.

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