Dear Tyler — Thank you for your thoughts and wonderful poem this morning.

I think some telepathy happened this morning. Just after I had finished the Tanka verses below I received your daily Chasers post on warmth. Hm. I got up at 5:30 this morning and found things rather cold. So, I made a fire in our chimney and just sat there and looked at it. I am a very visual person (true and blue empath!) and noticed that the sight of the fire warmed me psychologically. Looking at fires makes me feel warm, holding a glass of cognac with its beautiful color warms me, and just looking at my beloved in a cozy duvet napping lets me feel warm. Of course, in a pinch, hugging a teddy bear will do that too. I wrote this poem while tending the fire. It doesn’t have to be bourbon, Hot tea or coffee or hot chocolate will do it too. As long as I can see steam.


January Blahs


January blahs

cold and grey skies are with us

we need a fire

yes, we have a fireplace

and lots of dry wood to burn


now things have improved

we have a crackling fire

that makes us feel warm —

now, why not add some bourbon

warm up our insides too


let me tell you this:

with bourbon and a fire

you can make magic

seeing both flames and bourbon

warms both your heart and your soul

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The best of warmth, in the winter, is a wood stove! It was my second favorite household item, next to a large extremely hot bath, while living in Alaska. When the stormy winds blew and we had no power, the warmth of that fire heated not only us but our food, our coffee and our souls. Heat, the necessary survival tool for a happy Alaskan in the winter.....

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