Enough! I Called Out | 3.8.21

Hear us scream, hear us shout into the wide universe, hear us roar that we are ready to live once more. Raise our collective voices, throw them skyward and forget about echo, for echoes belong to single voices, make us feel like we are not alone. We are not alone, we have voices shared, we have a staggering sound if only we all share them, as long as we lend them to the universe as a single thing.

I wonder if we do this, often and always, things could change? I wonder if we shouted together, unified and hopeful, that the differences that make us so beautifully separate, would fade for a moment? I wonder if we’d be in harmony, and if that harmony would vibrate across the surface of this planet, if it would make it sing?

Enough, we call out as one soul with 8 billion faces, enough we sing and listen for an echo that need not come. We have waited long enough, we have suffered in silence too long, it is time to live again.

Lend me your voice, for you have mine. I will shout for you, and wait for the tone you have in you, to join me.

Enough! I called out,

I have waited long enough.

Let me live again!

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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