I Will Oscillate | 11.17.20

Oh how we alternate, oh how we float back and forth between two things, between many more. Overjoyed for a time, devastated moments later, we flow like water between the emotions of our lives. Expectations of stasis are fruitless, dangerous, and unfair, we are made to be many things all at once, and I know this to be true of myself. Part of my ASD is this, waking and waiting to see which I am, which me, and I am sure it’s a challenge to be around for those who are near. I do not mean anything by this, sometimes I open my eyes and all things feel quiet and calm, sometimes I wake and my mind is a hive of bees and I cannot find the queen. I am so many things, and I have come to terms with this. Do you feel this, too? Do you oscillate, as I do?

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