Let Me Off The Rails | 1.16.21

Full disclosure honest post today folks: I am going a bit stir crazy. It’s been almost an entire year now where my lovely wife and I have not been able to work, travel, or live anything that remotely resembles the life we once lived. I know my story is a common one, that hundreds of thousands of people could tell, but it’s mine all the same. We’re at almost a year without a normal paycheck, literally, almost a year since we’ve shot our last wedding, almost a year since we’ve boarded a plane, train, or hell, even an automobile to do our work. I am quite honestly running in place, and I’m running out of ways to pretend I’m not positively aching for what was once my normal life.

There is beauty to doing the same things over and again, hiking the same trails, waking in the same bed, but I am desperate for adventure once more. I am so ready to be off the rails, seeing the world, seeing all of you wonderful souls inside it. I am ready, and I know I must be patient, but I am ready.

Are you?

I'm running in place,

only seeing what I've seen.

Let me off the rails.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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