I enjoyed the history and evolution of your creativity. You're officially in the top 5 of my most favorite poets of all time. Passing your art on to my son.

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I never asked any questions and I never once were given any answers to this very day.

No one has ever told me a word or words of fact and they still haven't yet to this day

I never once talked or heard or found or been found by anyone I once knew still to this day

I never knew what happened and still don't know even to this very day i don't know

I don't understand any of your words or remember living a certain set of them

I have intuition I use as part of my alien ancestor emotional intelligence inherent

It's been 5 years struggled. 3 years married to someone I don't even know how or why I married him , I didn't then either. Not love.

I don't make mistakes or have regrets

I own myself each day as I always have

I'm loyal to my name and serve it still.

I don't understand poems or remember any

I can write but I don't sit still

I do not take naps or sit down to eat dinner

I don't take breaks or calm myself to easy

I'm not afraid to fly , I'm afraid to be a passenger and rider in a car

Bc of crashing wrecks and bridge sand bar

I don't drive hardly ever PTSD yes a lot.

I fly just best and very fine.

Never been to hot springs and I live on gals island already.

There's too much too write here and I'm always in a rush, the animals and the asshole

Test patients mentions tension daily hourly on

Do you want more?I have more words to set you in a tail spin, quickening your lips hide and seek. Follow the oil anointing drops scents.

I know what makes your inner world turn you wild like a crazed obsessed fan. Maybe you like to watch maybe you like to hurt me

Maybe you like it when I cry out for your touch

I know your taste and your sickest twists

I give you your fancies and make you prove it

You like it just like I like it , too much

Too fast too slow too soothing so addicting

You can't stop wanting a ride that moment you

call that place your home. It belongs to you

Fit for a king and so tight cozy custom formed

Beg me and maybe I'll sneak a nap only if your up for making me come sleep walking me more your main stay.

Shangri la , huge wax leaves as umbrellas

Dusk or Dawn , no panties on, I've made you wait start then stop and hidden find me again

I don't know what you have gotten used too

But there's nothing and no one as hard and all natural soft tissue skin as satan as mine.

Little devil , do you like masks sugar Queen

Nightmares dreams dancing disco lean

I have thoughts keep me awake at night

Waiting looking at my window light

Summons my ghost for some sexual healing

And to want me to come alive for you again and again. I never want to stop unless it's

Really real going to happen soon.

There's nothing I would not stake ever.

I dare you to surprise me and I promise I won't scream or kick or tell you no . stay longer stay forever, stay never the same way my beautiful babe and your face I could stay lost in your stare. A full time job and an honor. When will you see me and let me see you back? I always want you every day till death till life infinity magic figure 8. I was a penguin the first ice skating recital .... The dog was it's named Kelly? Irish pub? Or the one near the Hollywood stars on the ground next to the theater ? Horseshoe enhance?

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Bravo Granada, more Apollo then sly however your one right about left eye. All fun now huh know play, no work. Now ya rip a copy off sloppy poorly. You want my job you want my blog? Didn't ya couldn't ya wouldn't ya of when your title was hoppy? What size shoes ya ware, come and get it and I tie your Knott, you little lace. Cry me a river and I sail your siege , it's a real honor to finger a season when you duck your own story , trick and treat and scare up a score , Congratulations your super smart , you got one Me amore and just shy a decree , so you and faux are esprit , get this here , read it near that face , two on each side leaves 1mid in between 5 , goal Lee slap shot slick , puck it suck stick , guilt trip , pistol whip grip , I hadn't already won i'd count my point letter on board. I feel totally sorry your thorax thumbing season treason borax will give you something to cry about and clean too and if you got something to say with it , take a black eyed peas out on your next visit. I do not bet and I do not deny when you stand there high and mighty holding a razor blade your spouse cheered as you carved into innocent wood , when you served Satan second to second milly million years with out help or peeping rapper ventriloquist wall fly private FYI , I'll kiss your tinker tweeter blinker linker pickled pink sphincter..... Oh na na na want to take try , my lips are sealed and I promise not to rat tat ta tat tat you inside one side tip top bone , I don't discriminate and I know you know that I know what they won't , I felt you and strange I can't lie , my first time I liked a you know what and you know why. Your lady and your girlfriend certainly have taste , really thinker I believe a mood ring and wart scar fingers ..... Next time she comes along at least say something so I can swing on a swan song and some wine bc I treat a lady like a fine females queen and friend unlike you ya rotten swine wrapped in bacon grease. What a whack it a dude doodle doo dunno boys if it takes a whore to screw in a light bulb it musk take a hammer to nail a rusted dick head. In the defending shouts of ole Hitler , NI NO NO , I don't drink coffee or tea and I wake up before noon bed head drop dead fred , have a few penny's or what the heck , take ya sum bucks instead inquiring minds need to know , pluck me , pluck you I died dead didn't ya know , soiled the fan and you ought to of known a worn lives under rocks knot in the dirt squirt ... You don't have to put up with that , don't be me and don't do what I've done , don't convince yourself different when you saw a piece of shit you were right and you know it. If that's all there is in a poet perhaps maybe it's Knott what it sought to look like. To be , itch an insect and doubt a bee , a snake wearing a costumes clustered flea. Toss ole boyd a bomb bay can sapphires off, blister pitch twitch , too bad for you , zealous ole you be blue, I felt this amazing squeeze face to face in the dark trembling so long felt so good , God moaned , I cried and I'll never be the same after that exchange the light and the heat , I am complete , doorway to thousand churches , resolution to all the fruitless searches. We touched in it the light and the heat and we became complete hand and hand joined heart to heart , I figured you would never leave again after that night and I died in your arms as you held me like a little sister rag doll. I too lost a life less ordinary and if I hadn't died and still lost you I would of killed myself again. End of that story.

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I have read a fair few of your posts now and I'm curious why these sort of messages seem to be a reoccurring theme? What's the motive behind these posts? I am nothing but confused honestly.

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Stage door, o' mallys looks like hoops I know, it was next to the Adams apple downtown Peoria , however the opera door entrance horse shoe styled, brought back many memories , you see what you own , why don't you come and take it James Joyce and leave old Frank o his beans.

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