Oh Tyler! How spot on you are!!!

Just last night, I texted friends to inquire about some details for today and apologized in advance for interrupting their Saturday evening (6pm - probably at a Christmas Party or shopping…).

They responded with

“…We are in our pajamas and house shoes wrapping gifts.”

To which I responded

“Pajamas and House Shoes…sounds like a dream.”

Thank you for the reminder that we do need to take time - to slow down - to re-center - to re-engage - to find ourselves again before we get lost in the “winter of our discontent”.

For me, that is a walk…to nowhere in particular, with no agenda but being alone and letting my mind “talk”…to enjoy creation and hope for those moments of happenstance to see a flock of Canada Geese grazing in a field or to find a “treasure” along the path…even if that treasure is something I find inside myself along the way.

Thank you for beginning my day in this way…

I was already headed down the path of chaos and stress in light of all that is on my plate over the next week…

Thank you for freedom and this moment!

With a heart full of gratitude and love this holiday season - I say cheers Tyler, Sarah and all my other Chaser Family.

You are all gifts to me 🎁

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This is exactly what I've needed to read for a while now. (I've been putting off this 'bath' for 2 weeks!). Tonight is the night! In the mean-time and beyond, I hope to need these reminders less and less. Deepest thank-you.

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Amen to, just, all this.

I need to host a dinner of reciprocity this Tuesday, after canceling on the family last week.

One of my go-to moves when I simply cannot bring my best to the table is to bring out the kindergarten teacher. Therefore, they are invited to show up at 7pm in nothing but their Christmas pajamas, so I can serve them breakfast for dinner. We will watch vintage Saturday morning cartoons before I tell them my kids have to get to bed, for which they are already dressed. Imagine that.

Living in darkness has taught me nothing if not how to hold fast to the core purpose of why, and let go entirely of how.

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But what I wouldn’t give for a warm scone and some clotted cream.

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Tyler, I cannot agree with you more: taking time to refuel the mind and the body is essential, especially at this time of year when it can be most difficult to do so. Taking the time to listen to this podcast, reflect on what you have said and the comments of others is one form of self-care. For me, running is meditative; my brain goes into neutral and the thoughts and worries of the day freely run through it. I come back feeling re-energized physically and in spirit. I am fortunate to live in a beautiful place where the roads are surrounded by trees. Like Adam said, it’s about enjoying creation while I’m out there. The problem is that the very thing that helps me become more difficult in the very months due to snowy or icy roads and early darkness (few streetlights). It’s a bit of a fight to make the time but so worth it.

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