Short These Hours Of Light | 12.12.20

Had a long conversation with Sarah’s son, Henry, the other night about Buddhism. Everything from reincarnation to compassion to the idea of letting go all we cannot control. The one aspect of the conversation that stuck out the most, to me, was the need to be present in every moment of our lives, and more than that, to truly “live deep and suck out all the marrow of life,” as Thoreau once put it. We live in a world that is increasingly aimed at the fleeting and ephemeral, these miniature instant gratifications that make us feel satisfied in the short-term, but leave us wanting. The only way through this, in my humble opinion, is to truly live in each moment of our life. I am reminded of this fact daily, as in Montana our hours of daylight this time of year typically stretch from about 8:15am until about 4:00pm. Not even a work day worth of sunlight, and so there is more need than ever to make the most out of ever drop.

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