Seeing Aurora is HIGH on my bucket list. Lucky you! I’ll chase those lights, some day.

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¨You only have a few short days left, so either 1) hope that you live in an area that delivers Amazon packages the same or next day¨

Dude! 🤠🤪👻 I snagged my mom a a new phone a couple of weeks ago. (Because she tends to cling on to the old technology way past the expiration date, and that particular phone´s battery is clearly worn out. I decided to skip the ´PHONE NOT WORKING! UG-MOM SAD! PANIC! WHY PHONE NOT WORKING! {slams on table} PHONE MUST WORK NOW! {sad puppy noises} U MAKE PHONE WORK NOW?´ escapades and connived with my step-father to take advantage of a sale.)

Grabbed her flowers two weeks ago; her card is all written and sitting on the bookshelf with a ´do not open until May 14th´ warning on it. The cards for various older ladies have been mailed. Might make her dinner, might not.


that was an easy one

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That lipstick is EVERYTHING on you!!! 🔥🔥🔥🤣❤️💯

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